Royalty Free Stock Image Sites for Your Books, E-Books and Many More Projects


Hello to everyone.

In this article, we have prepared a very large list of stock image sites for you. Many of these sites allow you to use their images in any of your projects (revenue or non-profit) without even needing to cite them.

However, feel free to check the policy pages of the sites. Maybe they have changed their policy. Who can say what about tomorrow? (right tomorrow one of them may have changed their system.)

Now, some sites may say that images (photos, images, gifs, vectors, illustrators, logos, etc. and even video) are free or may offer you a few materials for free every month, etc. may grant you another right of use. The point you should pay attention to here is what it tells you as terms of use. If it is not seriously controlled, you can get a headache in the future. It is useful to read the terms of use of the sites, because the site says to use it for free, but use it for non-commercial purposes. Someone else use it for free or even use it in their commercial projects but you will be cited.

If you don't want to deal with anything later, you should prefer sites that explain the terms of use with expressions such as CC0, no direct citation needed or no credit required. Or, let's say you come across a material that you like very much, then you should read the terms of use of the relevant site thoroughly.

Let me give an example that went through my head. Once I became a member on a site, the right to download and use 30 images was defined in my account. The pictures on the site were also of good quality. I was preparing a visual work. I said, I will download these pictures, I will find a few more e-mails, I will download them again, 90 pictures or something is more than enough for me. I even thought of this. I said to myself, if he records my ip address and does not allow me to download, I choose the pictures from the second e-mail and ask another friend to download them for me.

While everything was going well, I thought to myself to have a look at the site policies while I found quite a few pictures and spent a serious amount of time on this. What would you say? Citation is required for each picture. And each picture was uploaded to the site by someone else. I was going to use it in a video. They even wrote it in detail. They ask for attribution at the beginning of the video. In the video, I will refer to each picture in detail, such as "to be read", as they write. I will also refer to the end of the video. Citation for the site at the beginning and end of the video. Citation for the uploader under the pictures. It's not over yet, and he wants you to list the citation links of the site and all the pictures in the descriptions of the video. Later, I realized that there was a special golden link for every picture called the citation link. I said it will happen, give me an IBAN for my earnings from this job and I will send it to you from there :)

To avoid such problems, you should always read the policy of the relevant site first. Now let's move on to the sites. Really great service because sites are listed in alexa order :)

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