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ISBN (International Standard Book Number) means International Standard Book Number in Turkish. Its general release was in 1972. It was prepared by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and started to be used worldwide by the accepting countries. There is so much production around the world that there had to be a standard when people were looking for something among so many products. And to provide this standard, this 13-digit standard number system was developed.

People who are regular consumers of works can also use this system to search for something, but this system provides serious convenience in publishing and distribution networks in general.


to printed materials;

(book, catalog, yearbook, etc.)



films and cassettes

(educational) Mixed media (such as book+cassette, book+CD)

computer software

(educational) Atlas and maps

material written in braille

Electronic publications (http, www, ftp, CD, floppy disk, etc.)

All these can be given an ISBN. The ISBN is not a requirement. Individuals who want it personally can get an ISBN for their works by following the relevant steps. For those who work with any publisher, the publishers already do these ISBN purchases on behalf of your work. 99% of all kinds of publishers take ISBN as standard even if you don't want it, because it provides serious convenience in distribution and helps your work to be listed (via Publisher) worldwide.


Calendar and diaries


Brochures Posters, banners and newspapers

Show programs (theatre, musical, recital, concert, etc.)

school curricula

Forms Agendas Price lists,

sales and advertising catalogs,


Unpublished articles, circulars, directives, etc. materiel

This and similar works are not given ISBNs.


ISBN purchases have been made online since 2007. I personally have an ISBN for my ebooks and I hope it will happen again and again. If I'm available for one, I'll describe it in detail here.

Let me explain it very simply and roughly. This tutorial is for personal publisher and ebook.

(There are as many explanations as necessary on the following sites. I completed the steps by reading those explanations. I could not find any other ready-made article or video. I completed my transactions very comfortably when I said that the job was done and went to the sites and read the relevant guides.)

First of all, we log in via e-government from Here you first establish yourself as a personal broadcaster. You can even use a pseudonym. Although it seems a bit detailed, after you enter the necessary and easy information into the system, the isbn approved information comes to your e-mail and you can enter your isbn number from the system.

Then you should upload your e-book to Maybe there was a certain time. You should pay attention to this time. Here, I searched the ISBN number I got on the previous site on this site. No results came out. I waited a few days and it still didn't come. Then I said I would send an e-mail. I said the same in the e-mail, "Isbn does not come when I search, is it a problem if I enter it manually?" I wrote something like I sent an email but I didn't want to wait. I entered it directly without bringing the ISBN as a query. And after I entered other data about the book, I uploaded the cover of my book and itself to the site. A few days later, when I was looking at my e-mail, I saw that it was given in the last confirmation. There was still no response to the e-mail I sent as support, although it was not needed anyway.

For printed works, you will need to submit their printed versions.

The next is up to you. You already got the ISBN for the personal publisher. Now, you can use your ISBN number to distribute your work at any e-publisher.

I did not have a problem, but I remember reading that if there was a problem, your e-mail was returned.

It is worth mentioning that all of these transactions are made legally, so everything you do is recorded and creates a responsibility. If you're trying something bad for a work that you don't own, it's serious business. There are indeed deterrent penalties. Being original is the only way. And the ISBN is provided free of charge.

If the link addresses have not changed, I will leave two of them here.İlkim_Klavuzu.pdf

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ISBN does not directly protect your copyrights. You should know this in the first place. However, it provides serious benefits in this regard.

It can be taken personally.

It is not mandatory.

It is not free of charge.

It is necessary to use it because it allows you to be listed nationally and internationally.

The ISBN received cannot be sold.

It is currently given as 13 digits. However, for the fields that were previously taken as 10 digits, these 10 digits can be converted to the new 13 digit system.

A new ISBN must be obtained for the work that has changed in content and format.

If you are going to publish your work in several languages, you should get a different ISBN for each.

If you have a series of works, it is useful to get an ISBN for each and an isbn as a set.

If the price of your work changes, the ISBN will not be charged again.

Even if you don't sell your book, you should get an ISBN. Because you contribute to the world heritage.

If you want to rename the book and reprint it, you must get a new ISBN.

Different ISBNs must be obtained for different formats of an ebook. Like PDF and Epub.

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In general, I would like to say: We update many of our articles over time when there is a serious development on the subject of the article. For this reason, if you are interested in these topics, it is useful to take a look at our articles from time to time.

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