Quality Websites to Sell Your E-Books Worldwide with Commission Only When Sold


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In this list, we will list the websites where you will only pay a commission for your e-books when they are sold. If you are looking for different platforms where you can sell e-books, this list will be for you. At least you'll have looked wherever you need to look. A good focus will be a solid list of things to review.

You should look at the payment methods of the sites you need to pay attention to. If you choose the sites with payment methods suitable for you, you can perform your transactions more easily.

Some only accept English works, some accept paypal etc. and some even ask for an itin number or swift code. It would be helpful for you to research them.

I will share the links directly without giving too much detail about the sites. Sorting is done in a mixed way. 


A site that allows you to sell e-books and other electronic items for free. It takes commission from sales. 


He sells your books both himself and on the networks he distributes.

You can view the distribution network here.  https://www.smashwords.com/distribution

Kobo Writing Life

It is the sales network in which you will act most freely.

You can check our article about it. It works with Turkish banks. It can be preferred just for that. 


Barnes & Noble

It offers you many tools to create your e-book. 


They can help you create high-quality e-books. They allow you to sell your English e-books on the distribution network as well. 

Amazon Kindle 

It is one of the most well-known sales sites. The commission rate is high. But it requires a complete and complete e-book. 


A platform where you can sell your e-book. 


Its possibilities are vast. 

Apple eBook Store

You can create and sell books for the Apple custom store. 


They have a good distribution network. 


It does not charge you for publishing books, but you can upload your books to the site from some distributors. They do not buy books directly from anyone. 

In the meantime, you can click the link below to review our products offered at Kobo. 




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